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Natural methods

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The 2nd of May was unusually for Lauder, bright and sunny when everyone met for the second part of the tracklaying by compass course.
After a very surprising demonstration of just how many paces each one needed to reach 50 metres and a demo of how to adjust everybody's own numbers to enable equality in tracks, everybody then layed a track then handed their pattern to someone else who then went out and walked the track and retrieved the articles. When people came back it was found that everyone was within 1 metre of all of the articles even though all they had was a start pole and a track shape with the actual yardage written on.
This proved that not only does track laying by compass work on any type of terrain and for everyone but that also once people understand their own number of paces in relation to yards then total accuracy between different tracklayers can be achieved no matter what size the tracklayer.
All in all a great training session which will go a long way to ensuring good accurate tracklayers for SWTS for the future.


lunch in the sun


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all these tracks must be one for me!