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Natural methods

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Summary of qualifications 1967-now
Search & Rescue dog handler involved in over 750 logged missing person searches,Has held positions of secretary, treasurer, call out organizer, equipment officer, and training officer within SARDA Southern Scotland
Certificated Search ManagerAssessor within the U K Sarda groups
Assessor and instructor for NSARDA in foreign countries and holder of German Para 11 trainers certificate
Masters degree in animal sciences with particular emphasis on Equine nutrition and management, Nutrition, physiology and metabolism, Biotechnology in animal science, Biology,


Animal behaviour, animal chiropractic, veterinary physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian theory and five element theory.
PhD in animal therapy
Professional experience
Rescue Centre Manager with hands on experience of over 500 dogs per year in need of some form of training.
Succesful Hydrotherapy Pool manager with many testimonials to the improvement of the quality of life of many animals
Equine massage advisor with testimonials
Instructor in charge of training of students both from the U K and other countries re animal behaviour training and rehabilitation.
Has developed a unique style of training dogs and humans to work together using the natural instincts of dogs instead of humanized pressure methods
Working Tests Judge.
Dog Warden.
Nutritional advisor
Supplier of dogs to Police, military, SAR  and other agencies.
instructor in dog behaviour
Runs workshops in open search, disaster, urban search in many countries including Iceland,Australia,Holland,Greece,Germany,Malaysia and Turkey to name a few
Animal trainer for film work+ advisor on animals in films.
Professional gundog trainer and handler
Instructor in the use of compass laid tracks in a trials situation
Creator of unique training course for training people to become Instructors in rescue dog training.
Instructor in trailing and scent specific dogs for Search and Rescue using his own individual training program (copyright) which has now been adopted succesfully 
in many countries

Instructor in working and living with dogs using his own unique method of teamworking between man and dog using his unique gentle method of control utilising his 3 basic principles theory (tom middlemas 1998)

 Runs seminars in many European countries in the disciplines of Open Area Search work, Disaster work, Mantrailing, Scent specific air scenting, advanced SAR work, leadership and Scent discrimination without imprinting for all working dogs

developer of scent discrimination as a means to enhance the dogs natural nasal capacity and indication of scent in mantrailing and Scent specific Air scenting plus urban disaster work (copyrighted 

Member of IVIS (International Veterinary Information Service)

Volunteer experience
35 years in Search and rescue dog work.
Chairperson Borders Rescue Association
Treasurer National Search & Rescue Dog Association
Has taught his methods in many countries and spent over 7 years with SARDA in Iceland who now use still the same methods as taught by tom,
SAR and disaster methods have been taught to many people from countries such as Iceland, Holland, Germany,Turkey, Belgium, Norway, Austria and Australia via many workshops run by tom.
Taught the Natural Method of training in Greece where it has become the preferred method among not only SAR dogs but also general dog training.
All of the above have been done on an unpaid voluntary basis as tom does not believe anyone should profit from the work of the voluntary sectors.