Tom Middlemas


Natural methods

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MOD police dog recieving treatment

With the Hydrotherapy pool at Arthurshiel now over 7 years old and with a total of over 4000 hours of therapy on dogs completed Tom is gradually introducing the skills of hydrophysio and massage to students from various walks of life, including animal care students, veterinary students, and students from universities abroad.

He also runs week long seminars on basic working and problem area location and solving and last year ran a successful course for the military at their own pool at Melton Mowbray with 8 parcipitants from various agencies involved with the care of Defence dogs.

Also there are now quite a few horses on the books who have benefited from the acupressure techniques used and also the massage and other treatments available and the client base continues to grow steadily by word of mouth from  horse owner to horse owner.