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Natural methods

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Recently Tom along with Gayle have been expanding the work at the centre to include treatment of horses and already their success is starting to be recognised with many clients amazed at the difference that they can visibly see in their animals. In the far east a practitioner was deemed to have failed if the animals in his care became ill or injured and he did not get payed so they studied their profession very seriously.
Already at the centre one of the horses who was brought in with neck and back injuries after a fall is now back into light work and is hacking quite happily after being written off by owners on the vet's advice!!Home visits to several horses have all ended with repeat calls for visits as owners see the results in 24 to 36 hours of a treatment.
Gayle is now in the middle of an equine sports massage course and together they are steadily expanding their client base all of whom are recruited by recommendations from satisfied clients

It is always somewhat of a surprise to us the way in which humans expect our animal friends to perform for us when we want or need them to on a command.
Would you expect an Olympic athlete to suddenly be dragged from his rest and immediately run in a 100 metres or a marathon.
Of course they would not they need to be warmed up first.
Also they need to be physically fit for the task.
It takes only a few minutes to check over a horse and find out if he is feeling fine.
I am not talking here about a vet check or anything technical or complicated just a simple procedure where by using your eyes and then using your hands you can find out if a horse has any sore points before you go on to warm them up.
A small strain or niggle if caught early can be easily fixed but if left it can develop into a serious injury requiring extensive veterinary treatment and expense as well as pain to the horse.
All muscles work together to keep a horse's skeleton correct and if one muscle is sore then it calls on its neighbours to help it and eventually they become sore also by helping take the strain so they call on their neighbours for help until eventually the poor horse is so sore that he has to do something about it i.e. bite or rear or just run away if you are lucky.
Please take a little time to check your horse before going out. You will have a happy horse and you will both enjoy your time together.
If you want to find out about these simple checks contact Tom or Gayle