Tom Middlemas


Natural methods

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This page is the opening into a world of dog working which has become famous in many parts of the world thanks to the hard work and dedication of its founder Tom Middlemas who has taken his methods of natural training of dogs for any type of disciplines to the four corners of the globe with people’s lives being more secure thanks to Tom’s method of training SAR dogs which are used in countries as far apart as Scotland, Australia, Greece, Belgium, Norway and Iceland to name but a few. Tom has given up his time ceaselessly over the last 35 years to ensure that the standards needed to use rescue dogs are forever pushed to the limit. This is done on top of the working of the Arthurshiel Rescue Centre which itself manages to rehome around 500 dogs every year many of which need expert training before going to new homes and the latest venture a Hydrotherapy unit which deals with injured dogs from all parts of Scotland, run in conjunction with a magnatherapy unit and Tom’s expertise in physiotherapy and canine chiropractic methods as well as acupressure provide dog owners with a complete centre to cover all their needs. To see more go


Kai aged 16 enjoying the spring snows at Arthurshiel where he has helped develop the natural training methods used today and still does a bit of teaching himself if someone or some dog doesn't understand the rules sadly passed away aged 19 years